Thursday, July 2, 2015

monthly discipline: july

january: do things differently herehere and here.
february: just make it hereherehere and here.     
march: mostly vegan herehereherehere and here.
april: wake up before the sun five days a week here, here and here
may: exercise curiositherehere and here 
june: daily gratitude and generosity here, here and here

july: at least one mile a day

6 months in, one day late. can't beat myself up too much. so i started the day with a jog. it really is my optimal way to start a day. i had not decided on my july challenge until today. running isn't an option for everyone, and i certainly don't feel up to it everyday. so i have decided the discipline will simply be 'at least a mile a day.' that could mean walking, running, biking, swimming. as long as i get 1 mile in. exercise is medicinal for me. it keeps me in check. it's my form of meditation.

i just returned from a whirlwind trip to Jackson, WY. when i say we sipped champagne on a private plane, that is no exaggeration. thanks to my generous friend, Millie, the entire trip was first class and one i will not soon forget. here is a peek into our epic getaway:

best lunch in town!

the gondola took us up to the Wine Festival

temporary tattoos!

our view!

Teton National Forest

Snake River raft trip

a tribe i cherish!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

june discipline: daily gratitude and generosity

big inhale and exhale. aaaahhh i feel good. perspective changes when gratitude is overt. i am proof, it is a real thing. life is not perfect, no. but the good far outweighs the bad. almost always. we just have to be aware of it, speak it, write it, acknowledge it. as this month has progressed, i have felt more confident, more connected. i have had some of the best therapy sessions with my clients. i have been connecting with friends and strangers. yesterday i cried with the nail tech who painted my fingers and toes. she spoke of her 18 year old son deploying next month. a surge of emotion struck me. it was a shared acknowledgment that the world is difficult. we each have our own pain.
tomorrow i leave for a girls trip, i am thankful for these women in my life. here we were in 2013 at a beach house.

our ages range 20 years. 3 therapists, 1 psychologist, 1 psychiatrist. awesome women. this time we are soaring high into the Teton Mountains in Jackson Hole, WY!

recent happy-ings. see what i did there?

introducing grandparents to a selfie stick! 

spending any waking moment with these little men

tSwift. a beautiful soul!

seeing tSwift with my favorite 13 year old. 

my new motto


my grandma being adorable

a big night on the town w incredible friends

wish me safe travels, my wanderlust will never end!


Tuesday, June 9, 2015

june discipline: daily gratitude and generosity

i am here to report daily gratitude has been working as planned! i reserved a blank journal and date each page as i jot down the thankful thoughts that emerge. the end of the day seems to work best for me...or shall i say us...southern gent joined me in this discipline! it is so fun to see what he writes everyday. one usually involves me, so it's a confidence booster for sure ;)
generosity is something that is consistently rewarding. i firmly believe in saving and planning. i also believe in sharing. growing up as the only girl with an older and younger brother, i am not sure i had to share much. i don't remember. but i must have. somehow i learned to share. i don't love to share my drinks or my chapstick, but other than those--i am quite free with my things. in college i willingly loaned my vehicle to people who desperately wanted to go home for the weekend, as long as they returned it full of gas. i freely loan jewelry or handbags or clothing, no problem. they are just items.
experiences are what color my life. not things. don't get me wrong i love pretty things. my home is peppered with pretty things! but if something breaks or gets ruined, i am fine. experiences are what really matter. i like to share experiences with others, old and young.

if you are tight with your funds or your time, examine why. does it get in the way of sharing and experiencing? try to be more generous. i promise that the more you give of yourself, the more you will get in return.
here are some things i have been grateful for in recent days:

*being awarded runner-up as best therapist in the Triangle!

*finding a new favorite place for healthy lunch, obsessed.

*the selfie stick craze

*raleigh family

*mountain family

*concert season, so far eric church & kenny c! next up, tSwift.  

*a recent trip to south beach

i am thankful this teepee exists so i can buy it for my dogs and proudly place it in our living room!

Sunday, May 31, 2015

monthly discipline: june

january: do things differently herehere and here.
february: just make it hereherehere and here.     
march: mostly vegan herehereherehere and here.
april: wake up before the sun five days a week here, here and here
may: exercise curiosity here, here and here 

june: daily gratitude and generosity

struggle is an integral part of the human experience. we all withstand bouts of pain and disappointment. i often talk with clients about how rejection and heartbreak are gifts in this life. 

there is not a recipe for recovery. 
no guidebook to recoup courage.
no compass for salvaging strength. 

i am, however, here to offer a life hack. i can't assure many things in life, but i can guarantee two actions that will commence the battle. these intentions are crucial to getting back on our feet. 
the 2 g's, generosity and gratitude. 
this blog originated in 2011 as a tool to practice gratitude. when i am conscious about gratitude, my perspective shifts. i also know when i am generous i feel more fulfilled and connected to others. 

so here is what i plan to do. i hope you will join me. 

materials list:
your brilliant brain
a pencil or pen
a piece of paper

every day *at a consistent time* i plan to make a list of 3 things that are going well in my life. a brighter perspective will emerge. some days we may have to dig deep. some days we may only be able to write that we got through the day, ate something and got ready for bed. that's ok. keep going. when we see the beauty in life, the beauty grows. in june i am going to practice daily gratitude. 
i also admire generosity. i identify as a generous person, but i could do more. it brings me happiness. generosity comes in all forms. 

materials list: 
thoughtful gestures

i began tonight by giving my southern gent the larger piece of corn-on-the-cob. 
off to a great start!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

may discipline: exercise curiosity

time and timing are a constant intrigue of mine. there are times when i desperately want time to slow down, it can feel like it's moving at warp speed. i even say outwardly, "i am not ready for this day to be over." in a really good way. and then all of the sudden when there is something on the horizon, the days begin to move at a snails pace. that's what i asked for, right? oh, but that can be difficult too. nature is always challenging us. patience and presence are on the forefront. when time is moving swiftly, it may be that we are not practicing presence. when time is moving slowly, we need to insert patience.

though i am definitely achievement oriented, i haven't rushed much in my life. i was probably the last person i knew to get a cell phone. i rented different residences for a long time and never felt rushed to buy. i didn't feel rushed to marry, as evidenced by my being just shy of 32 when i tied the knot. i just got my first mac laptop. i have only owned three cars in my 16 years of driving. i wait months and one time over a year between fertility treatments.

i am very motivated, i just don't have a nagging sense of urgency about most things. the other trait i have become aware of in recent years is that i am a nonconformist. my decisions are not based on the social norm. i kind of like to carve my own path. i am trying to author my own story and not let other stories impact mine. it's not always easy but i find it meaningful.

how does time play a role in your story?
how does patience impact your life?
do you have a sense of urgency?
when are you most present?

a few moments i wish could last forever:

sunset @ durham bulls game with my southern gent

helping my 13 y-o niece decorate her room

enjoying gourmet caramel cotton candy

an afternoon with these charmers

any time spent with my mom and gram

ice cream sammie food trucks

Thursday, May 14, 2015


i have recently begun a love affair with plants. i have a fiddle fig tree, a palm and a monstera deliciosa in our home along with several succulents. i have a snake plant and an ornamental grass on the screened porch. on the front porch i have a palm varietal and a rectangular planter filled with ferns and other greens. this is my favorite plant site. 
i also don't like to leave a vase lonely for very long. what if every room in the house had a plant or flower? #lifegoals

a guest room bedside comes to life with blooms

mason jars make great vases

peonies are some of my very favorites!

here i curated a bouquet with eucalyptus springs as an accent

purchase fresh cuts every week at the grocery store! another healthy habit to acquire

in high school i worked at a flower shop. here are a few tips to keep your florals lasting over a week. 

*fill a vase with an inch of water, any more only breaks down stems and causes quick rot. 
*snip the ends daily and replace H2o
*cut stems on an angle, it creates more area for water consumption 
*immediately place in water after snipping ends, stems callus within seconds
*pluck dead stems and blooms throughout the week to keep your bouquet looking fresh! 

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