Saturday, August 1, 2015

monthly discipline: august

january: do things differently herehere and here.
february: just make it hereherehere and here.     
march: mostly vegan herehereherehere and here.
april: wake up before the sun five days a week here, here and here
may: exercise curiositherehere and here 
june: daily gratitude and generosity herehere and here
july: at least one mile a day here and here

august: beach body challenge

i can proudly say i worked out 90% of the July days! i really do prefer the measurable disciplines, my accountability feels more sustainable. i exercised 27/31 days. i was so dedicated, southern gent & i even worked out on vacation. i would highly recommend it. i once thought vacation was about laziness and gluttony. there is definitely plenty of room to be unstructured on a vacation, however, we loved the extra hop-in-our-step workouts gave us. we may have followed gym time with cocktails and nachos, but we earned them.

i originally stated 'at least one mile a day' to be conservative, but in fact i ran 2 miles daily and often ran sets of stairs post run. after one month, i feel markedly stronger than i have in some time. this discipline is certainly not ending with the close of july. i want to add strength training to my runs. i found this guide online. it's a bit intimidating, bring on the sore. i hope you follow along with me.

here is a sneak peek into our recent trip to Cabo San Lucas: 

the tub on our balcony was a special treat

a marina filled with fishing boats

lovers beach

swinging on a swing at this open air bar

a humidor overflowing with cuban cigars

building art

our aggressive waitress, so fun!

color everywhere

pina coladas for days

best dinner view

at our hotel, perfection!

my partner in crime

the wanderlust never ends

Saturday, July 18, 2015

easier and more fun!

today is mine and southern gent's 5th anniversary. five years ago i was so relaxed and so certain i had found my person. i still feel that way today. somehow he is blind to my imperfections. there is no one i would rather spend my day or my lifetime with.
when i had his ring engraved, i chose "easier and more fun" to have branded on the inside of his silver band. that has been our motto ever since. we work to make each others lives easier and more fun.

though the journey has been challenging, we have learned after 5 years that all we really need is each other. we have accepted that our family may always consist of just the two of us. if that remains our reality, we are fulfilled because together we have more than we ever imagined. 

Sunday, July 12, 2015

july discipline: at least one mile a day

i have loved all the disciplines. my favorites, however, are ones i have had to consider every day. i have always been a regular exerciser but typically take days off in between. just 12 days in, once-a-day already feels natural. i have scaled down my runs from a once 4-6 mile stretch to 2 miles, to assure sustainability. when i was running longer distances, i felt fatigued between runs and sometimes dreaded the next one. i am probably running about the same mileage in a week, just more frequent & shorter bursts. i often add sets of stairs after the run for a nice little boost.
i must confess i had to skip one day, this past saturday. the only reason was that it was our neighborhood block party day. i was busy from the moment i awoke. the most time consuming of the tasks was this balloon extravaganza i dreamed up. it appears simple, but it was not.

the 2' x 3' balloons came from china. the day of the party a friend and i went to the party store to get them inflated. they promptly informed us it would be $12/balloon to fill with helium. you can do the math and would probably agree that was astronomical. luckily my friend is a master negotiator, so we walked out with inflated letters and more than a 50% discount. i am infamous for losing a few balloons in transit, but that wasn't an option. there were no extras. the letter B was slightly ripped and the letter T was popped by a sharp object in the garage. we were able to remedy the crisis with a quick piece of tape. 
with a little help from dowel rods and packing tape....the vision came to life. 

the afternoon/evening was complete with food trucks, a dunk tank, a selfie station, temporary tattoos, bubble wands, sidewalk chalk art, a stellar dj, 2 bounce houses, corn hole games, a popcorn machine, water balloons, a visit from the local firemen, glow sticks, a kegerator & a driveway viewing of Spy Kids. it was an awesome collaborative effort from a committee of awesome gals. the gobs of kiddos (mostly not pictured) had a marvelous time, i promise. 

i was mostly busy having a ton of fun, and not snapping photos at all. 
but here are a few images i captured:

the adults always manage to have a great time too!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

monthly discipline: july

january: do things differently herehere and here.
february: just make it hereherehere and here.     
march: mostly vegan herehereherehere and here.
april: wake up before the sun five days a week here, here and here
may: exercise curiositherehere and here 
june: daily gratitude and generosity here, here and here

july: at least one mile a day

6 months in, one day late. can't beat myself up too much. so i started the day with a jog. it really is my optimal way to start a day. i had not decided on my july challenge until today. running isn't an option for everyone, and i certainly don't feel up to it everyday. so i have decided the discipline will simply be 'at least a mile a day.' that could mean walking, running, biking, swimming. as long as i get 1 mile in. exercise is medicinal for me. it keeps me in check. it's my form of meditation.

i just returned from a whirlwind trip to Jackson, WY. when i say we sipped champagne on a private plane, that is no exaggeration. thanks to my generous friend, Millie, the entire trip was first class and one i will not soon forget. here is a peek into our epic getaway:

best lunch in town!

the gondola took us up to the Wine Festival

temporary tattoos!

our view!

Teton National Forest

Snake River raft trip

a tribe i cherish!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

june discipline: daily gratitude and generosity

big inhale and exhale. aaaahhh i feel good. perspective changes when gratitude is overt. i am proof, it is a real thing. life is not perfect, no. but the good far outweighs the bad. almost always. we just have to be aware of it, speak it, write it, acknowledge it. as this month has progressed, i have felt more confident, more connected. i have had some of the best therapy sessions with my clients. i have been connecting with friends and strangers. yesterday i cried with the nail tech who painted my fingers and toes. she spoke of her 18 year old son deploying next month. a surge of emotion struck me. it was a shared acknowledgment that the world is difficult. we each have our own pain.
tomorrow i leave for a girls trip, i am thankful for these women in my life. here we were in 2013 at a beach house.

our ages range 20 years. 3 therapists, 1 psychologist, 1 psychiatrist. awesome women. this time we are soaring high into the Teton Mountains in Jackson Hole, WY!

recent happy-ings. see what i did there?

introducing grandparents to a selfie stick! 

spending any waking moment with these little men

tSwift. a beautiful soul!

seeing tSwift with my favorite 13 year old. 

my new motto


my grandma being adorable

a big night on the town w incredible friends

wish me safe travels, my wanderlust will never end!


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