Sunday, March 1, 2015

monthly discipline: march

hello march! a new month means a new personal challenge for moi. i hope you are enjoying this as much as i am. #lifegoals

*so far so good*
january: doing things differently here, here and here.
february: just make it here, here, here and here.     

march: mostly vegan

vegetarian: no meat no fish
pescatarian: no meat yes fish
vegan: no meat no fish no dairy no eggs

i must say the first day was an epic fail. this is going to be the most difficult yet. as i am sure you have guessed, this challenge was inspired by my recent food for thought post. the reviews were certainly mixed. this was good news. it validated for me that writing honest and sometimes controversial posts are important. if it made you think twice about a food choice, i see that as a success. if you felt a little unease, i also see that as a success. basically if it evoked any feeling, i am glad. it's ok to disagree, as long as you are open to awareness. 

going completely vegan is not something i am exactly striving for. i do want to consider substitutions and discover new products. dairy is one of my favorite food groups, so eating less of it will be difficult.

march 1: 

breakfast: vegetable juice
lunch: noodles with butter and grated cheese
snack: nachos with cheese and sour cream
snack: root beer float (ice cream)

as you can see, dairy is part of almost every snack and meal i consume. typically i am way healthier than this, but it was a lazy sunday.
the foods i am proud to have eliminated are milk, yogurt and eggs in their pure form. i have started substituting the milk in my morning chai with coconut milk. these are the small changes to build on. today is a new day. wish me luck!

in other news, last week we got lots of snow! though it wreaked havoc on my office schedule, i embraced the life pause. i am having to be creative with clothing choices, as to enable boots on the daily. i am also loving my 4-wheel drive, channeling my inner youth and clocking lots of couch time. looking forward to a much more productive week ahead!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

food for thought

song pair: Nothing More by The Alternate Routes

hello! i will begin this post by encouraging you to listen to the song pair above. just click the link and it will play in a second tab. i almost always include a song paired with my posts. this one is currently my favorite tune. in my opinion, it says everything. "we are how we treat each other and nothing more."

i have learned something new about myself. i have discovered that i am the complete opposite of the average person in two distinct ways. here are the examples that led me to this conclusion.


{example 1}
most people are aware of the current events. the average person reads the headlines and watches the news. they are educated on the status of our country. political and religious wars are on their radar. they can't ignore it. they can't live in denial.

*flip side*

i shy away from most media sources. i understand that very sad and very scary things are happening around the globe. i know that we should all be in fear but i intentionally choose not to live that way. maybe because i am wired with anxiety, it just feels overwhelming. i choose instead to absorb positive material. it truly aides in the optimistic perspective i carry through my days.

about a year ago, i made a concession. I began to worry that my positivity was also breeding ignorance. This compromise is a daily email called The Skimm. it is a series of brief paragraphs summarizing world news. i read The Skimm so i am not completely in the dark, but also not inundated with negative stories. it works very well for me and feels like a happy medium. i am no longer oblivious to what is happening in our world. i now have a realistic view.


{example 2}
most people have always eaten meat and can't imagine life without it. why would you give it a second thought? it is part of every single meal, day after day. steakhouses and burger joints are likely the busiest restaurants on the planet. there are t-shirts that say i love bacon.

*flip side*

i have full and complete knowledge of what an animal endures to reach your kitchen table. i have not eaten meat in 15+ years and will never again ingest another piece. i have done research and watched footage. i liken this to your daily news. it is scary, awful and disturbing awareness. i can't ignore it. i can't live in denial. i absolutely don't judge others for their choices. most everyone i know is a carnivore. southern gent waffles with the concept and i completely understand the instinctual nature toward meat.
here is where i am going to suggest a concession. i believe the topic deserves a realistic view. i have never preached and don't intend to start, but i will share.  i was recently enlightened by my fellow pescatarian, virginia, who recommended the documentary Vegucated. this film helped me reflect on ways i could be even more conscientious. if you have the slightest interest, go ahead and click on this link to simply watch the trailer. there is no scary footage in the trailer, i promise. it's a cute and informative film about three new yorkers who choose vegan for 6 weeks. if your interest peaks even more, watch the film. toward the end of the actual film, there is footage of the conditions animals "live" in and also footage of actual slaughters. it can be your version of reading The Skimm. let's all choose awareness.

-Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival of life on earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet. -Albert Einstein


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

just make it: dots

song pair: Blank Space by Taylor Swift 

i am rounding out my february discipline: just make it. i took a moment to reflect on the things i have made happen.

there was that cookie jar project
the day i enhanced my deer friend
oh and that whimsical photo shoot (pssst, as you can see the winner was #5) thank you for voting. i got lots of texts and emails. #8 was a close second.

so here we are, my final just make it project for february.
for a couple months i have been admiring the concept of a confetti wall. there are two versions i have contemplated. neat & tidy or random & cascading. i really liked both but ultimately took the challenge to create one with order.

neat & tidy inspiration

random & cascading inspiration

i started with a clean gray wall, in my home office. this is my girl space. i gain inspiration here.
i took my diplomas off the wall and diverted my rolling rack of favorite dresses.

the gold rounds were 3" x 3" i had to do a little math to configure spacing. the tape measurer was key.

i was so focused, i neglected to take pictures along the is the final product! 
i did the rows of five first and then filled in the rows of four. 
i measured from ceiling down, floor up & and in from the ends of each wall. 

the accent of dots really took my home office to the next level.
the good news is: they are temporary decals. they can be removed at any time with no residue.
it's an easy way to elevate a space with no commitment.

my prized possessions are my diplomas and my dresses. i believe every girl should value her mind as much as her femininity. my favorite dresses {and halloween costumes} refuse to be tucked away in a closet. i like to have them on display to remind me of the memories they hold. next to my diplomas is a print that reads "Work It" it translates, to me, as striving diligently toward the dreams you envision.

on the opposite wall is my ever evolving photo wall. the most recent addition is a felted goat head. each memory on the wall holds a near and dear place in my soul. the images feed me enthusiasm and spark. decorate your space with items that enrich your spirit too.  

what are you creating in your space? 

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

february discipline: just make it!

song pair: Whatever She's Got by David Nail

hi friends! 
i have been overdue for new images on my personal and professional sites. so what did i do? 
i just made it happen! i dreamed up a vision and the wonderfully talented anna routh captured it. my vision was playful and positive. that is how i choose to live my life. i can only hope i come across that way to others. positive psychology is how i run my business practice as well. it was important to me that the photos emulate that philosophy.  

apparently i have this thing with balloons. in my opinion they are the perfect accessory. and for some odd reason i wouldn't settle for any less than an adult tutu. a red adult tutu. playful trumped flattering. black and white stripes are also a new obsession. 

i am so happy with the images that emerged. i reflect back with confusion as to where these ideas came from, but i'm just rollin' with it. having marty join me in a few photos was a way to hold myself accountable to the commitment of including him in therapy sessions in the near future. it has been a goal for awhile. 

here is where you come in! i am leaving it up to you to decide which image to use for my profile picture for lovely life of liz. do you have a favorite? please vote via a comment below or a personal email to liz (dot) tatum (at) hotmail (dot) com. 

thank you and enjoy my whimsical vision!








i sort of recreated the original, 4.5 years later. i love a cityscape. 


*other fun ones*

-fun facts- 
*it was 32 degrees and very windy that afternoon
*anna routh's parents have a 16 year old pug. my marty (8 y.o.) was relieved to hear this. 
*my toes were painted pink, you just can't see them. 
*there were people taking photos on the bridge before and after us. it's a popular spot!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

the triangle wine experience + one more

song pair: Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars

last weekend held a couple epic nights with some favorite friends! it was my third year attending the Triangle Wine Event with my pal Marylou! this event is an unparalleled fundraiser for the Frankie Lemmon School in Raleigh. the weekend kicked off with a party featuring Jonathan Cain {of Journey} playing the piano for an intimate crowd. chills ensued. and then we snagged a photo with him.

the very next evening was the gala! my glow was courtesy of Parlor Dry Bar. whenever i treat myself, i undoubtedly leave with an extra pep in my step. this was a fishtail braid wrapped into a top knot. they sure know how to make a girl feel glamorous. 

we were greeted at the gala with unique finger foods and ample wine samples. 

once we were seated the wine and snacks continued, in addition to a jaw dropping live auction. 

i had the best seat in the house, next to these lovelies. 

          {2013}                                                                                      {2014}

the late night munchies were scrumptious. 

we supported the event until the very end, dance floor and all. 

every evening should end with a confetti bomb. i love surrounding myself with great women and creating life long memories! 

Galentine's Night!

song pair: Fireball by Pitbull feat. John Ryan

ooooh, the weekend of all things love. i think i have made clear my fondness for all things southern gent. i pretty much sing it from the rooftops every chance i get. everyday is valentine's day for us. loving him is my greatest joy!

when i learned he was traveling for work on valentine's day, i decided it was an opportunity to honor additional loves in my life. friendship love! a crew of neighbor girls went to dinner for what we called GALentine's night out! i heard the term last year and fell in love with the idea. i orchestrated a mini night out, fit with props. we had temporary tattoos, heart straws, heart shaped sunnies, york peppermint patties and heart shaped food flags.  

we concluded our three hour meal of 10 tapas and 2 desserts by floating heart confetti out the car window. we approached pedestrians to toss confetti over their heads. luckily our message was received well with the smiles and laughter we were seeking. 
a night well spent with an incredible group of gals. my heart was full! 

Sunday, February 8, 2015

february discipline: just make it

song pair: Animals by Maroon 5

before christmas time, i had my eyes peeled for faux taxidermy. my pal gwen will be proud of me. she has a home full of animal heads from all over the world. they are so beautifully done even a vegetarian can appreciate their elegance. i have an affinity for animals, and wanted one staring at me everyday too. though i am sticking with faux, she needs a little personality. at christmastime she was dressed with a scarf. so pretty and poised. 
once the scarf came off, she appeared so bare. i knew i had to find a way to bring her back to life.  

then i spotted this image online. wow. i investigated the details and hit my local craft store. i want the entire look, floral garland and all, but will start with mimicking the antlers. 

i covered the face with a plastic tablecloth and spray painted the antlers a bronze color. i wanted metallic but not glitz.

once dry, i experimented with plain white string. even in the final product, i did not have to use adhesive. as long it's wound tightly, the string sticks to itself. 

i found proper placement and took note before removing the string for the next step. thirdly, i painted a few coats of multi-surface magenta rose satin paint over the bronze. the coverage was nice.  

once dry, i reapplied the wrappped string! 

the bottom of the antlers could use a little spray paint touch up, otherwise i am so  happy with the look!

layers are everything when it comes to styling. i think the final look needs a base to ground it. i really like the thin wreath around her neck, in the original. i have also considered a base to mount her on. other than being in pursuit of another layer, this just make it project was a glowing success!

is there an image you have been wanting to re-create? get started! 

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