Wednesday, April 23, 2014

fighting a battle

song pair: Against the Wind by Bob Seger

this morning i went on a long run. on my 7 mile route there is a very steep hill, the type of hill that slows a runner way down. you must pick up your feet and raise your knees, sometimes gasping for air. i was against the wind and the gusts were strong. during my long strides and perseverance, i realized this physical feeling of pushing hard while the wind was against a reflection of how my infertility has felt through the years. the sun was shining. it was a clear day. the birds were chirping. cars were buzzing by. everything around me was functioning at a normal level, but i was struggling. i was fighting a battle. i knew if i continued to feel and acknowledge the pain, there would come a moment of accomplishment and relief. when i reached the top of that hill today, i felt good. i smiled. i felt stronger. i am stronger.
i do the very best i can with this trial in my life. i am thankful my partner is my closest confidant. this adversity has made our marriage rock solid.

this week is National Infertility Awareness Week. i am at a place where i can say i am grateful infertility has touched my life. it has been hard as hell. i have been able to embrace weakness and exercise strength because of it. i work daily to handle it with grace.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

jelly beans. chocolate bunnies. gratitude.

song pair: Here Comes The Sun by The London Starlight Orchestra

red rocks at sunrise

Happy Easter! I hope today is a colorful, spiritual and meaningful day for you. About the time this post publishes, we will be witnessing a Sunrise Easter Service. Some of the holiest experiences of my life were spent at Red Rocks Sunrise Services, in Denver. simply breathtaking. Watching the sun rise is divine. Today we will be in Duke Gardens. We were married in the gardens, so it's a remarkable place for us. 

Our neighborhood has an entertaining Easter tradition. The week leading up to Easter, these stuffed bunnies make their way around the hood. They magically happen upon front porches, bearing gifts. The bunnies brought us a bottle of bubbly. They hopped away from our home with some Summer brew and a mini stuffed dog. While driving out of the area each morning, it's amusing to see which porch they have landed for the day. 

My family Easter tradition has somehow morphed into cake making and martini drinking. My mom has always made the cakes, and in the last few years Emily and I have happily joined her. Saturday afternoon my mom and Emily came over and we made Easter Basket cakes! 

Below are a few highlights from years past: 





Life is ever changing. I find great comfort in preserving the things that remain the same. 

Happy Easter my friends

Thursday, April 17, 2014

do what you love

song pair: It's a Beautiful Day by Michael Buble

sundays are valuable to me. some sundays i prefer quiet, restful days. other sundays i am inclined to catch up with those i have missed in previous weeks. the best sundays contain a little bit of both.

last sunday began with these smiling faces, lunch al fresco

and continued with a visit to see my Gram. we happened upon the back terrace to find some friends creating bubbles. we gazed in wonderment, watching bubbles big and small tumble through the air. 

i volunteered to give it a try and had beginners luck. i am now in the works of finding a bubble kit for myself.
at any age, bubbles are a marvel. 

the day rounded off with an ice cream cone and a scenic drive. be sure to spend your time wisely. 
make the most of every moment. 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Nellie the Nikon

song pair: Photograph by Nickelback

this week i had some one-on-one camera instruction. it gave me a new appreciation for photography.
it is a whole new language. fascinating. 
the pictures below are a la natural. no editing. the detail and background blur fascinate me. 
i have a long way to go. now it's time for some practice. lucky you. 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

celebrate the path taken

song pair: God Bless the Broken Road by Rascal Flatts

i believe it's important to celebrate. celebrations should not require a reflection of victory. i believe it's equally important to celebrate a traveled journey. struggles and sacrifices are made to complete a path. life does not always give us the outcomes we desire. sometimes life gives us the opposite of what we have asked for. this does not mean we should marinate in the unpleasant or grumble at the misfortune. i choose instead to gather the troops and bond together in reflection of time well spent. i work hard to value the people around me, even during the tough times. we may not have achieved a desired outcome, but we were together. the relationships matter. win or lose, pay attention to who is next to you.  

a few of my hockey girlfriends gathered together last weekend to commemorate the final home game of the 2013-2014 season. the sun was shining all afternoon. the food was plenty. being together was the most important feeling that day. 

and of course these moms are some of my very favorite gal pals.  

i have been promising myself all season to host a 'gamewatch.'. so before the season wrapped, I kept my word and executed that promise.  
it was a casual Spring Fling. lots of light fare and laughter. my house comes alive when friends arrive. laughter fuels my space. there were bunches of tulips in every corner. bright colors and smiling faces. 

each girl took home my ode to our favorite hockey team. 
every season we make a similar commitment to support our guys through thick or thin. 
that pledge is worth recognition and celebration. i wouldn't trade it for the world.    

Sunday, April 13, 2014

dream big!

song pair: Video Kill the Radio Star by Buggles 

a couple weeks ago, i received a call from a local radio station.
a few days later, i was parking and walking through the station's double doors.

it was an enticing hour of my day/month/year/life. it was 60 minutes of dreaming big. 
thinking outside of my normal day. envisioning something great. imagining a new challenge. daydreaming a risk. brainstorming a way to make it come to life. 
i am open to opportunities. i want to live a full life. i welcome new adventures and endeavors. even if this concept does not come to fruition, there will be another one. there will be another spark. another idea to happily amuse my active mind. 

on this day, it was the wish of a therapists radio show.  

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

rock & his friends

song pair: Who Let the Dogs Out by Baha Men

whenever southern gent and i bump into a bulldog, we stop in our tracks. their body types, mannerisms, smooshed-in faces & severe under bites could charm us all day long. they are amazingly lovable creatures. Rock is southern gent's second bulldog, Riggs was his first. his relationship with his dog is the epitome of mans best friend. i believe an english bulldog will always be a staple in our household. as you know, my little side kick is my pug Marty. in my world, pugs and bulldogs are tied as top breed. i have never met a pug i didn't adore. when marty and i arrived in Raleigh, we were both a little lost. we felt a need to carve out our own niche. so i joined a pug meet-up group. other people who love pugs? yes please! i wanted to help Marty meet some little ancestors. for those of you who haven't participated in a meet-up, it's simple...someone develops a group and like-minded people join. the organizer decides on a place to meet, and people show up. they have meet-ups for any interest you can imagine. one day i will tell you about the vegetarian meet-up i joined.

here we were in 2010 @ a pug meet-up.

we have only been to a few, but these meet-ups always make for a nice afternoon. i have not walked away with any lasting connections myself, but i would like to think Marty enjoyed playing with friends his size.

recently i decided to try and locate a bulldog meet-up for Rock. i was unable to find one, so i created my own. if you see a need, fill it! i named it "Rock & His Friends." i have orchestrated three meet-ups. it's not catching on yet, only two actual bulldogs have shown up. but we don't discriminate, we welcome all dogs. Frenchies are some of my favorites. we won't give up on a quest to provide a happy life + cool friends for Rock. here are some recent attendees:

provide a full life for your furry friend.
who knows, you may come back as a dog one day. wouldn't you want to have fun? 

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