Thursday, November 19, 2015

november discipline: only water

19 days and still going strong! i have moments of cravings, but haven't wavered. i even stocked back-up caffeine free soda in my work fridge, but haven't indulged. it's mostly the ritual i miss. oh and the bubbles and flavor too. i believe having the option to reject gives us power and a stronger sense of self control. we traveled to Toronto and walked the chilly streets with Starbucks on every corner. i did stop in and order a hot water. i added lemon slices and had the same experience i love, keeping my hands warm between steaming sips. i bought lemons and limes in bulk and squeeze them into each tall glass of h2o. at the office i am frequenting the red knob on the water cooler, for piping hot aqua. it's so very soothing.
my energy levels are normal, i am not experiencing fatigue or the crashes associated with caffeine highs. after a little research, i learned caffeine taps into our adrenaline. please take a couple minutes to read this article on how caffeine impacts the adrenal glands. the caffeine-cortisol connection is fascinating.

kicked off the holiday season in Toronto! 

exploring a new city is one of our very favorite things to do

the hockey hall of fame was incredible 

experiencing Mr. K's induction was remarkable

sharing good times with great friends makes everything more meaningful 

Thursday, November 5, 2015

november discipline: only water

5 days in and i am going so strong. i've only had water with and between meals. it's been difficult. today i felt like i was mostly over the hump, the constant headache has subsided. i saw nine clients in a row today, i was in my office from 11am-8:30pm with no caffeine. it felt like a huge feat.

i honestly don't miss my morning chai. i am already past that. it's the soda and juices that i miss. i don't miss alcohol, i can take it or leave it. i love a cocktail and the entire experience it provides, but i don't need one very often. i have been waking up earlier, just naturally. i am feeling more and more fresh now that the anti-caffeine fog has lifted.

there is a commercial on tv that displays a soda bottle pouring into an icy glass. in slow motion! it's so hard to watch and really unfair. sugary sweet beverages are the perfect accessory to meals and daytime errands. southern gent and i went out for dinner last night and i ordered a water. initially it felt a little sad, but ended up being all i needed. southern gent ordered a water too. he always makes me feel supported.

i am not sure if caffeine and my addictive personality can co-exist. for now i am having a love affair with water and it's moving toward greater health and harmony.

my definition of discipline: consistent gestures that are sometimes difficult, but lead to an improved self.

discipline comes in all shapes and sizes. where is your level of personal discipline? 

Saturday, October 31, 2015

monthly discipline: november

january: do things differently herehere and here.
february: just make it hereherehere and here.     
march: mostly vegan herehereherehere and here.
april: wake up before the sun five days a week here, here and here
may: exercise curiositherehere and here 
june: daily gratitude and generosity herehere and here
july: at least one mile a day here and here
august: beach body challenge here and here
september: lead with love and positivity hereherehere and here
october: vulnerability here and here

november: only water

for as long as i can remember, i have started my days with an iced chai latte. it's like a prerequisite to the day. halfway through the afternoon i drink a diet coke. with dinner i may have a glass of juice. later in the evening maybe some wine too. 

i don't drink enough water. 

when i get a facial, the esthetician usually informs me of my dry skin. i have heard functions such as brain activity, flexibility and circulation are impacted by hydration. it's time to focus on my water intake. 
strangely i drink water in bulk. after a strenuous jog i chug 1-2 water bottles. i don't sip it throughout the day. 
it's time to disarm these bad habits, cold turkey, by only allowing water in november. i am prepared for three days of headache. caffeine is a strong drug. 

there are a few special occasions this month where i will likely sip an alcoholic beverage or two. but i vow to mostly stick to water. i am excited to see and feel the benefits! 

as i finish this october 31st, i am enjoying my root beer float. every.last.drop. 

in other news, here are the latest happenings:

i won a bowling tournament, first place out of 26 women.
prize: black onyx cocktail ring seen below. score! 

bid farewell to one of the squad members.
for now.
we will see her again in 2015!

supported my charming nephews at a school fundraiser!

attended our 4th annual neighborhood Halloween party!
2012: little red riding hood and the wolf
2013: duck dynasty mr. & mrs.
2014: wonder woman and clark kent

2015: darth vader and princess leia

we spent halloween on the football field.
it's halloween at our house everyday (always happily handing out gum/candy to neighbor kiddos)
so we took the actual holiday off.

Monday, October 26, 2015

october discipline: vulnerability

i am not sure how vulnerable i have been. october has been too action packed to know.
i have certainly been more honest. and to be honest, i am only 55 pages into Rising Strong. last night i browsed my dvr'd shows only to find an oprah interview with brene brown. i had to pause it several times to soak in the wisdom that was delivered. oprah referenced her manifesto, so i had to jump to page 267 to read it myself:

manifesto of the brave and brokenhearted

there is no greater threat to the critics and cynics and fear mongers
than those of us who are willing to fall
because we have learned how to rise

with skinned knees and bruised hearts;
we choose owning our stories of struggle,
over hiding, over hustling, over pretending.

when we deny our stories, they define us. 
when we run from struggle, we are never free.
so we turn toward the truth and look it in the eye. 

we will not be characters in our stories. 
not villains, not victims, not even heroes. 

we are the authors of our lives. 
we write our own daring endings. 

we craft love from the heartbreak, 
compassion from the shame, 
grace from the disappointment, 
courage from the failure. 

showing up is our power. 
story is our way home. 
truth is our song. 
we are the brave and brokenhearted. 
we are rising strong. 

it's just so good and exactly how i continue striving to live my life. honestly. authentically.
thanks be to you who hold me accountable.

now some highlights from october so far:

we bid farewell to great friends beginning a new journey

hockey season started!

southern gent had a birthday and we dined with our P's!
gram turned 90 and her girls did it right! the magician was amaze! 

we had a yard sale...where i would sporatically declare "everything's a dollar"

hung with these munchkins

rolled around in corn kernels

rolled around the State Fair

much needed girls night @ a new local hot spot

and took emily and a friend to the fear farm.
the element of surprise and terror are about as vulnerable as one can possibly get. we loved it!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

monthly discipline: october

january: do things differently herehere and here.
february: just make it hereherehere and here.     
march: mostly vegan herehereherehere and here.
april: wake up before the sun five days a week here, here and here
may: exercise curiositherehere and here 
june: daily gratitude and generosity herehere and here
july: at least one mile a day here and here
august: beach body challenge here and here
september: lead with love and positivity here, herehere and here

october: vulnerability

Hello October!

i am simultaneously typing and nibbling on a heaping bowl of pumpkin ravioli. it is the quintessential flavor of fall. i have 9 pumpkins in or around our home. there is candy corn on the counter. is it officially autumn.
i arrived home today from an amazing evening listening to the words of Brene Brown. she filled an auditorium of 2,500 loyal fans. brene is an author and researcher who studies courage, vulnerability, shame and worthiness. life stuff. therapy stuff. if you haven't watched her TED Talk on vulnerability, please take 20 minutes and join 21 million other viewers. i am not a big reader, but her books captivate me. her work has moved me beyond compare. i have had true ah-ha moments through her lens. she is a teacher, a leader, an expert, a guide. her words have encouraged me to be more vulnerable and to tell my story. i feel compelled to do more. i want to be more vulnerable. this month i will. i hope you will join me.

a powerful quote that resides on the back cover of her latest best seller reads:

"the irony is that we attempt to disown our difficult stories to appear more whole or more acceptable, but our wholeness actually depends on the integration of all of our experiences, including the falls."

there is far too much shame in the world. when we don't talk about something, shame is in control. when we avoid certain topics, it is because of shame. shame keeps us disconnected. shame breeds in isolation. brene says that when people are brave, tell their stories and live their truths they morph into stronger more resilient versions of themselves. she wants us to lean into that discomfort and accept ourselves.

courage = be to imperfect
compassion = to be kind to ourselves first and then to others
connection = a result of authenticity

this month will be a book study with some of my own truths peppered in. a practice in vulnerability, yikes!  i hope you snatch up her book Rising Strong. either way, i will tell you all about it.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

birthday month round-up

the best part of age is wisdom. each year grants me more stability and capability. i am proud of my age, no shame in the number 37. we forge through each and every one of our years, i wouldn't discount one of them. 

here are some essential life hacks i have gathered in my treinta y siete anos: 

keeping a list of my inner circle and their birthdays helps me feel connected. find your tribe//love them hard. invest in your relationships. i have better friends today than i ever have. you have to hand pick the people you surround yourself with. 

love is a verb. 

"supporting another's success won't ever dampen yours." celebrate those around you and share kind words and encouragement often. 

i have an ongoing list of things to do...places to travel...restaurants to try. boredom does not exist. 
the world is fascinating, see and do as much as you can!

live your dreams! taking risks fills my life with challenge. i have done things people have questioned, but i follow my gut and am always glad i did. don't stay comfortable. 

everything in moderation, especially the sun. always wear sunscreen. your older self with thank your younger self. 

i love my career and will always work. it is my life purpose. some people say they are fortunate not to work. i feel fortunate to love my work. 

i don't have much of a relationship with the television. i occasionally watch, but not often. 

always smile and show excitement when greeting loved ones. 

i hire someone to clean my house monthly. i still vacuum and tidy up, but that one day each month is divine. 

invite younger people into your life, show them kind and supportive words. be good to them, they might take care of you one day. 

i don't nurture through food. i have a vegetarian kitchen and a carnivore husband. he still feels supremely loved and says he can't wait to get home everyday. 

acupuncture is medicinal for me. i am happily hooked.

i don't settle into gender roles, i think they are dangerous. we both prepare food. we both do laundry. we both vacuum. we both lift heavy things into the car. we both pick up dog poop. there is no resentment between us and we have a true partnership. as a marriage counselor i have seen far too many women resentful for the imbalance of house chores. don't try to be a super wife, it doesn't fare well over time. 

write thank you notes. expressing gratitude is imperative. 

laugh and be silly, at every age! "there is not a shred of evidence that life is serious" -ogden nash

be generous. even when you don't have much, always give. 

Sunday, September 13, 2015

september discipline: lead with love and positivity

as human beings, we can be quick to criticism. i want to give you a different perspective on criticism. i believe the critique is actually more about us than the subjects we are judging.

to me, criticism is actually the desire to connect. when we criticize, we are yearning for a connection or grieving the fact that we don't feel a connection with someone or something.

consider a recent scenario you have been critical of:
*a friend who has been distant
*a parent who is sarcastic
*a spouse who forgot your anniversary
*a waitress who got your order wrong

all of these examples are evidence of feeling misunderstood, disconnected and not feeling heard. when we are lacking association and feeling divided, our minds turn to criticism.

i try to consider this when feelings of judgment arise. what is it about the situation that is evoking the critical thoughts? am i actually grieving and feeling sadness that is being masked with a more energized anger?

we are hard wired toward judgment and i believe it is crucial for safety and security, however it can be taken too far causing a toxic environment. let's pause and try to lead with love and positivity next time we are inclined to criticize. 

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