Saturday, June 28, 2014

award season

song pair: Fancy by Iggy

June was a big month. so much happening. i glanced back at my calendar, grinning with pleasure at the full weekends. i was very centered in June. i felt balanced. southern gent was quite action-packed (my new word in place of "busy"). His role has changed at work and we are feeling the difference. it's a wonderful change, just takes a bit to get accustomed to. thankfully our communication increases during these times and we don't let a day go by without acknowledging gratitude for one another. we started a new healthy habit. before meals, we each mention something we are grateful for. it doesn't have to be poetic, just a moment to recognize the positives. it's quite lovely, i must say.

June was award season. 

i happened to win one myself. can you say exhilarating?!
annually, The Independent, publishes a 'Best Of' edition. The polls are open for a couple months and locals vote away. i managed to do some self promotion which landed me the top spot. 
southern gent and my mom joined me at the afternoon party. restaurants winners were giving away complimentary samples. i was uncertain what promotional item would best suite my profession. after a brainstorming session, i reminded myself that i love quotes and questions...anything thought provoking. i had recently purchased another set of Table Topics, this time the Happiness Edition. i use these cards often with clients, as Positive Psychology is a large part of my practice. so i stapled 100 of my business cards to 100 of the Table Topics. that afternoon, we distributed the merged cards to other attendees and stated, "Enjoy a positive thought." We evoked many smiles that sunny Saturday.

my good pal Kate also won an award in June. Her recognition was through the Triangle Business Journal for the 'Top 40 Under 40' A couple friends gathered to celebrate her victory. it was a lovely lunch with some serious pizzazz!
to be in a large ballroom with so many successful minds, was contagious.

my take away messages from that afternoon were:
"When given the chance to choose being right or being kind, always choose kind"
-Kate D.

"I maintain success by surrounding myself with people who are smarter and more successful than I am"

both of these quotes resonate with me and fuel my soul.

life is very enriching these days. my hope and wish is that you are feeding your soul with all things positive! 

Monday, June 9, 2014

showered with baby Love

song pair: Teach Your Children Well by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

this charming little family is expecting a baby boy in August. southern gent and i collaborated with friends, hosting the first baby shower in our home. we love this crew. 

side note: there were 16 adults and 11 kids celebrating this baby-to-be. you would never know it by the lack of people pictures. i have found that once the crowd arrives, i am not as active with the photo snapping. i start hugging, babbling & laughing...and the camera takes a siesta. so just imagine smiling faces, I promise there were many.  

here are some happy faces! the two on the left were the masterminds of all the grub. it was quite the spread. a hot dog and hamburger bar...homemade chili, relish, veggies, cole slaw, potato salad, tortellini salad, deviled eggs, blue cheese dip, coconut & chocolate cake pops. it was mouthwatering. 

and each girl left with a nail polish of her choice. 

the signature cocktail was pear vodka merged with pink lemonade. dangerously delish. 

the guys toasted with a cold beer.

the bouncy house was a total success. sweaty, happy kids emerged to eat a bite and sip some water. 

 marty was exhausted by dusk.

we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of this little man. he will be so loved. 

she is a genius! 
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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

a season to embrace

song pair: All Summer Long by Kid Rock

summer is in full swing. 
while enjoying the beach, be sure to include these elements to enhance your shoreline experience. 

easy breezy style

proper transportation

youthful energy

crazy good food

ridiculously large bubbles

lifetime friends

summer flames

Sunday, June 1, 2014

going to the chapel...

song pair: Going to the Chapel by the Marvelettes

we recently gathered in celebration of a very special couple. i am a big fan of love. to know these two, is to know love. this summer they will commit to a lifetime together. they are already eight years into their love story. a calm and confident fondness is what they exude. the way they glow is quite a sight to see.  

love is more than just a feeling. love is a gesture, a behavior, an intentional act. my best piece of advice for any couple is to always, always greet one another with excitement. smile and show enthusiasm each and every time. choose love. 

congratulations to Mari & Brandon. we simply cannot wait to witness your wedded bliss. 

Thursday, May 22, 2014

eating off the land ;)

last summer i bought my LuluLemon tree and planted her in a bright yellow planter. she has slowly been producing a couple lemons for us. sloooowly. soon they will turn yellow and i will pluck them and squeeze them with glee. that will be a refreshing and hard-earned moment.  i never realized that "gardening" was such a labor of love. 

in the meantime, a friend brought me a cantaloupe plant. thank you Sara!

southern gent prepared the area. we added good soil and fertilized our new friend. 

welcome home!

we practice patience over here. nothing good comes quickly or easily. make life worth the wait. 

"Waiting is the opposite of Living"

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